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Frequently Asked Questions

Registration for the 2016 Brewers’ Intent Program is now closed.

What is it?
This is not an Eclipse program. 5050 Brewers’ Intent™ is an exclusive bottle program that allows members access to some of our specialty barrel-aged brews, most of which cannot be found in distribution. Some of the brews that will be a part of this program haven’t even been created yet, including some sour projects and experimental barrels.

Why join?
5050 is located in such a remote area, that it is difficult for many to get their hands on most of our products. The beers offered in this program will often be of such low volume that they won’t ever make their way outside of our pub. Other than the Futures program, the Brewers’ Intent™ will be the only way to have our beers shipped to you. Additionally, members of the Brewers’' Intent™ will receive discounts on merchandise and in-house pints, as well as priority access to the next year’s membership program.

How much does it cost and what does it include?
The membership for 2016 is $175. Taxes and shipping are an additional cost. The membership benefit includes:

  • 6 included specialty barrel-aged bottles per year.
    • No more than 1 of the 6 will be an Eclipse variant, and it would be an undistributed style.
    • At least 3 of the 6 will be styles that are not available in distribution. They would only be available through the Brewers’ Intent ™ or our pub in Truckee.
    • At least 1 of the 6 will ONLY be available through the Brewers’ Intent™. There will be no other way to purchase this style in bottles.
    • Access to purchase other 5050 bottled products (barrel aged, non-barrel aged, experimental, or out of our cellar).
  • Custom limited edition growler unique to the 2016 Brewers’ Intent™ membership.
  • 1 included 5050 merchandise item
  • 10% off merchandise and on-premise beer sales
  • Access to purchase additional bottles that may not be available through any other means. These may include additional bottles of the varieties already included with your membership, barrel aged and non barrel aged bottles both distributed or only available through the pub, early experiment styles.
  • Examples of bottles that may be included in the program are:
    • Annularity (Bourbon barrel aged blond barley wine)
    • Belgian Lipstick On Wood (a sour project)
    • Old Conundrum On Wood (Bourbon barrel aged barley wine)
    • Saison du Prick On Wood (a sour project)
    • B.A.R.T. (Barrel Aged and Really Tasty)
    • Vanilla B.A.R.T
    • Coffee B.A.R.T
    • Barrel-Aged Trifecta (Barrel aged Triple)
    • Non-distributed Eclipse variants (such as 30 year Rum, Single Malt Whisky, Cognac …)
    • Other experimental barrel-aged projects.

How do I get the 6 bottles that come with the membership?
The 6 bottles will go out over the span of 4 different releases throughout the year.  You will receive an email prior to the release detailing out the beer and the date it will become available.  When it releases, you must go in and “claim” it through the website within 1 month of the release date.  This is essentially the same as purchasing it at $0.  This is how we know how to get you your beer, as well as manage inventory.  After the month period is up, we can no longer guarantee the beer’s availability.

Is this related to the Eclipse Futures program?
No. This is not part of the Eclipse™ futures program. This does not get you into the Eclipse™ release party. This is completely separate from any of our Eclipse programs, though it will give you access to any of our cellared items for purchase (depending on availability), including some vintage Eclipse, with your quarterly shipment.

Is this a barrel-aged program?
Yes, but not exclusively. We do guarantee that your included benefit will be 6 different barrel-aged products throughout the year, but there will also be the ability to purchase additional styles beyond that, which may or may not be barrel-aged.

How do I get my bottles?
Bottles are available either for pick-up, or for shipping within California (at an additional charge). We realize that many of you will be opting for the latter, so we will be offering a low-cost, members only shipping option for your allocation, as well as for any additional bottles you may want to purchase and add on to your shipment. The timing of these shipments is subject to change at the brewery’s discretion.

Do I have to be in California to be a member?
You do not, though we can only ship within the state of California. If you are out of state you may designate a trustee for either pick-up or shipment. For pick-up proxies, proof of permission and identification must be provided.

When do I get my bottles?
We will ship out bottles 4 times throughout the year, in March, May, September and November. Styles and additional allocation options will be announced a couple of weeks prior to the ship date. We have selected these months as to avoid the heat of summer, and the subzero temperatures of winter, especially given where we live. Our intent is to get these beers to you in peak condition.

How does shipping work?
If you would like your beers shipped to you (within the state of CA only), you must purchase a bottle shipper before checking out, for the appropriate number of beers you have ordered.  You must also select “shipping” at checkout for your delivery method in order to generate a shipping label for GSO.

Can I delay shipment and combine orders later?
Yes!  We have added a “Hold” feature at checkout if you wish to consolidate orders later in the year to save on shipping.  By claiming your allocation and selecting Hold, you guarantee it’s availability, but can relax and wait as to when you want it shipped.

How do refunds work?
Unfortunately, there are no refunds for the membership to the Brewers’ Intent™. However, if your shipment arrives with any of the bottles broken, please email us at [email protected] explaining the situation and what was broken in your shipment. Unfortunately, we cannot provide refunds for any bottles shipped through a Trustee, or picked up directly from our Brewpub.

Barrel-aged disclaimers
By their nature, barrel-aged beers are experimental, and time in the barrel can vary quite a bit from what we plan. The Brewers’ Intent is exactly that, our intent to give you the best product possible. Sometimes that will mean a delay in shipment, or a change in product, because things didn’t turn out quite as planned. If a product is not up to our standards, it won’t release, and we will replace it with a beer of equal or greater value. There are very few guarantees in life, and that is doubly true with barrel aging! What we can guarantee is that we will do our best to get you beers in a timely manner that live up to our expectations and high quality standards.

Terms, conditions and other disclaimers
Membership applies to the calendar year following registration. Discounts at our brewpub or online may be subject to change. FiftyFifty Brewing reserves the right to change prices (including, membership prices for future years or retail prices) at our discretion, as well as to substitute any scheduled beer for another beer of equivalent value. Members must be 21 years of age or older. All shipments will require an adult-signature at delivery, so plan accordingly. Any reshipments due to no one being able to sign will be subject to additional charges.